Center For Upper Back Pain Relief

The Center For Upper Back Pain Relief is the first upper back pain specialty practice in the USA. Our upper back pain specialist provides all new patients with their initial consultation and all treatments.

Side Effect Free

Our treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, & non-opioid.


Our specialist is a people person and enjoys connecting with them.


You’ll get treated just like our family member would.


This is what sets us apart:


  • Saves you TIME by targeting the cause of your upper back pain with laser-like precision
  • Saves you MONEY because it gives your body exactly what it needs
  • Ends FRUSTRATION once our friendly consultation determines it’s the right treatment for you
  • ELIMINATES the root of your pain with our patent-pending 4-step system
  • All patients receive ongoing SUPPORT throughout the treatment process
  • Most patients need ONLY 6 to 12 sessions before getting discharged
  • It’s never dangerous because it’s NON-INVASIVE and uses no needles (It’s not life threatening because it’s NON-SURGICAL)
  • Not addictive because it’s NON-OPIOID, Doctor developed & PERFECTED for more than 10 years
  • Air conditioned rooms keep you comfortable
  • We track your progress with ease for hassle-free pain relief


We offer the following three services:

Discover if you a candidate?
With each consultation a visual “report of findings” is included with your visit.
Typically most patients experience reductions in pain, tension, tightness, and discomfort as the treatment series continues.


To Discover What Makes us Unique.


Don’t take our word. See what our patients said about us.

I had an accident on August 21, 2018, and because of it, I was having trouble with my neck due to limited mobility as to where I could look left and right. Justin treated it with this method where he did something with the muscles, twisting them in a sense, and causing relief.

What would happen is he would treat it, and then the next day I would have a lot of pain ’cause the muscles were sore. Then, a day or two after that, it would completely relieve the area.

It’s been probably two months now since he last treated it and I noticed a great improvement in how my neck feels. Thanks.”

Dexter, Satisfied Patient

I was in a very bad car accident where I was hit by a drunk driver. Because of the pinched nerve and because of the pain I was experiencing in the shoulder area, I wasn’t able to fully move my shoulder up and down. I wasn’t able to raise my arm all the way up. Rotating was definitely not happening. There was a lot of tightness. And after I started to see the chiropractor and acupuncturist, I started to receive special therapy on my shoulder. The therapy was painful because of the sensitivity on my shoulder. It was a lot of pressure on that area, but I realized immediately after the therapy that there was an intense release of pain. It was very intense. It would last about five to 15 minutes, in which I would get an intense massage on the shoulder.

And little by little, each and every time I got the treatment, I started to realize that I was … that the shoulder was becoming looser, that it wasn’t as tight, that I can move it a little bit more, little by little. And now almost a year after the accident, I’ve gained almost full mobility of the shoulder.

Overall, it has helped. I went from a 10 scale of pain to a two/three in under half a year. It’s something that I would definitely suggest.”

Grinny Face, Satisfied Patient

Satisfied Patient Testimonials



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